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An Auspicious Arrangement

A fortuitous occurrence chanced by fate of two loves given a second chance...

Transcript: Hey Ethan. Shocked to see me? Never thought you’d see me here again like this did you? Confused? Let me explain. This is gonna sound crazy, but I’m not Kelly. This is Kelly’s body, but I’m not her. It’s me, your Aaron.

How? Well, today I met a very peculiar old man who told me that he would grant me one wish in thanks for my assistance. Well, you know that I’ve always wished that I had been born a woman, so naturally I first thought of asking him that first, but that seemed like a ludicrous request. Then I thought of you and Kelly; how despite how cruelly she’d treated you, you still loved her and how dejected you’ve become since the break up. For a brief time, I also considered asking him to bring you two back together, but that too seemed impossible. Unable to think of anything else, I was about to politely decline when the old man looked at me with a funny face and told me that both my wishes would be granted. Naturally, I didn’t believe him at the time, but the evidence is pretty irrefutable now.

No, I don’t really know how it all happened beyond that. All I know is that I am now in Kelly’s body. I have no idea what happened to her. The only one who could really answer these questions is the old man and he seems to have disappeared. Don’t bother looking though, believe me, I’ve tried; I have a million questions too. I’m sorry that this isn’t exactly how you imagined getting back with Kelly would be like, but look at it this way. I’m your friend, I know you Ethan. I don’t mean to sound rude or condescending, but I truly believe that I could make a much better girlfriend for you than Kelly ever could. I know your likes, your dislikes, the things that make you happy and the things that piss you off. I could be the sweetest and most loving girlfriend you’ve ever had, not the cold bitch that Kelly was. So what do you say?

Oh, you liked how Kelly dominated and humiliated you? Well say no more, just give me some time to go retrieve the whips, leather, and toys from my room. I can be a kinky mean dominatrix too.

Unexpected Surprises

Caught. With no way out. What will his girlfriend say?

Another take on a classic trope...

   “Robbie! What in the world?”
    Robbie stifled a yelp as his longtime girlfriend Emma burst in upon him. Dressed to the nines en femme, there was not a single convincing explanation Robbie could think of to help him weasel his way out of this one. So much for keeping this a secret. Robbie braced himself for the impending onslaught.
    “What are you doing!? That fuchsia dress is mine isn’t it? I can’t believe you, Robbie! Why would you do this!? Why?”
    “Emma, please, I know you’re upset—”, Robbie began.
    “Upset? I’m appalled! Look at how you're dressed! It's disastrous! And that persimmon-colored hair: simply dreadful. How on Earth did you get that anyways?”—hair extensions and a slight coloring mishap. “Quite frankly Robbie, I’m very disappointed with you. You should know better, given how long you’ve been dressing behind my back! No, no, no, we’ll have to fix this!” Emma remarked with mild amusement.
    She knew? Robbie could only remain frozen as Emma drew close. To say he was stunned would be an understatement. Robbie gulped as Emma began using her creamy hands to thoroughly inspect his appearance.
    “Ooh! I like these,” Emma squealed in delight, as she squeezed his silicone breast forms. “But this dress simply won’t do! No, these gorgeous girls deserved to be displayed in all their luscious glory! A dazzling corseted cocktail dress perhaps…”
    “Come quickly now, Roberta. I can call you Roberta now can’t I? I think it would be awfully embarrassing for you if you were to be called Robbie out in public," Emma tossed Robbie a few comparatively mundane articles of clothing from her closet. "Now, hurry up and put these on. We’re going shopping!”
    Robbie could only look on, flabbergasted and atingled, as Emma sauntered off without another word. What other marvelous adventures lay in store? Roberta couldn't wait to find out.

If You Can't Beat 'Em...Join 'Em

Things rarely go as planned, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing...

Transcript: “The little bastard! How the fuck does he do it?” Chris moaned in frustration as he and Joey trudged along the street outside their apartment.

“How the fuck should I know?” Joey shot back.

“I mean, we try to dull his edge with the girls by turning him into one, which I can’t believe actually worked—guess that crazy potion book we found in your loony grandma’s attic wasn’t so crazy after all—but then we walk in the door to find this!? A fucking hot lesbian orgy with Kyle right in the center of it? And those girls were hecka fine too. The fuck man!” Chris half growled at a stray cat, sending it scurrying back into the dark alley from whence it came.

“I know right? Girls everywhere, moaning, licking, and writhing, and screaming for more. I thought that shit only happened in porn. I mean, did you see the size of that strap-on the kinky blonde had? I mean, damn, I thought only a mare could take something that big! And they’ve been going for another what, two hours?”

“Three at least. I can’t believe the fucker kicked us out—of our own apartment no less! I mean sure, they don’t want us joining them, fine, but at least they could’ve let us stay and just watch!”

“Yeah, what was that he said? A girl’s only party?”

Suddenly, the two of them both froze and looked at each other as they realized they had the same crazy idea.

“You know, we do have enough rosegrass and bottled moonlight to cast another two more spells…”

Porn Star Sunny leone Controvercy

Adult movie star Sunny Leone 's entry into the television reality show has the most Controversial . Sonny With Big Boss house to talk to the press .

This conversation made ​​it clear that porn star Sunny Prostitut does not mean , as people usually understand . Sonny Indian -born Sikh family remain in Canada . Sonny 's real name is Karen Malhotra . About his porn stardom , he said he had not ever thought or plan , but He also made ​​it clear that the money is good .

When Sonny was questioned about his porn stardom, his parents found out what was their reaction, he replied , "I , when his parents told him about becoming a porn star , they were shocked . He told me that you can decide how to do it . This decision of mine took a toll on my mother . But eventually they agreed for me . "

Their parents or their Porn Videos , Adult Movies seen something like this so Sonny replied , "Never , my parents had never ever do such films . "

Also due to ignorance Sonny believes that people seem to believe they Prostitut the porn actors while actually it is not . She says , " I believe the adult film industry in India is not . That's why people do not have much information about it . I not only acting in porn films, but I am also running online company . I 'm working up to 60-70 hours a week . During this time, not a party . My partner and I only want to be with her . "

I was a boy I was in love with . Losing my virginity at the age of 16 , I had decided . "

Bollywood films of interest Sonny says , "I have always been interested in Bollywood movies . After the TV reality show Bigg Boss might think I might also get a role in a Bollywood movie

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